Links – Official tourist website of Swaziland

Swazi Media Commentary -News from Richard Rooney that you won’t find in the mainstream media, especially not in Swaziland. Richard Rooney comments on the human rights situation and an array of other matters regarding Swaziland.

The Nation – Swaziland’s leading independent magazine

The Times of Swaziland – independent Swazi newspaper

The Swazi Observer – government-owned Swazi newspaper

Mail & Guardian – articles about Swaziland from South Africa

The New York Times – articles about Swaziland from America – Swaziland in the news

The Government of Swaziland – Official website

The Constitution of Swaziland

Amnesty International – The Suppression of Terrorism Act undermines Human Rights in Swaziland

Amnesty International – 2013 Annual Report for Swaziland

Amnesty International – Human Rights news about Swaziland

Human Rights Watch – Human Rights news about Swaziland

CIA – The World Factbook, Swaziland

Freedom House – Report about Swaziland