Travel tips

  • You will need to apply for a permit from the police to be able to speak to local Swazi’s in the rural areas. Failure to do so could lead to you being detained for questioning or your arrest
  • How to get through a roadblock: Have nothing to hide, show all your belongings and passport, make sure that nobody in the vehicle is a member of a banned entity (this might be difficult to abide by, as many Swazi’s are members of either PUDEMO or SWAYOCO) as this will result in being charged under Swaziland’s terrorism laws
  • If you speak to any members of political parties (all political parties are illegal in Swaziland), you are liable to be arrested and charged under the country’s anti-terror laws
  • Do not expect to get access to a lawyer if you are arrested
  • Swaziland has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world. If you do not wish to become yet another person to have contracted AIDS in Swaziland, please be careful
  • Swaziland has recently overtaken Thailand in the area of “pleasure tourism”. Swaziland proudly welcomes scores of middle-aged European men with “special” sexual needs , including both small girls and boys. The best place to pick up a “companion” is near the textile industry area in Matsapha as there is always a large selection of women here who need to top up their meagre salaries in the textile factories